Hoppin’ State Lines

Hello friends 🙂

When I last posted the boyfriend and I had plans to visit a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Cincinnati this past weekend.

But soon after I hit publish, things changed.

What can I say?  We’re spontaneous.

Instead, we spent the weekend dancing the state lines of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

It all started Saturday evening when we drove to Newport, KY to visit Newport on the Levee.  If you’ve never been to or heard of this little gem I suggest you plan a trip.  It’s an outdoor plaza with fancy restaurants, a movie theater, an old fashioned candy shop and more.  My favorite place in Newport however, is the aquarium.

Ever since I was a young girl my favorite animals to visit at the zoo have been snakes and fish– my mom thinks I’m weird.

I can’t really argue with her.

Unfortunately, we arrived too late on Saturday to visit the aquarium but here are some pictures of a previous trip T and I took there way back in 2008!

He’s waving hello!

Part of the reason this aquarium is so fun is because there are tunnels where you can walk underneath the glass.  From what I recall, the boyfriend and I worked for 20 minutes to try to get this “action shot” of a shark swimming right above us– hence the blur.

Alas, we were not able to pay a second visit to our fish friends this past weekend– so I settled for taking pictures of the levee at sunset.

‘Twas beautiful. 🙂

After a relaxing walk and some chat time we decided to get some dinner.

I took advantage of the fantastic salad bar: iceburg, spinach, red onion, tomato, olives, peppers, parmesan, oil & vinegar and the best croutons I’ve ever tasted.  Croutons are my most favorite part of the salad–no shame. 😉

I also shared some of T’s steak and lobster tail.  It was ok– but my heart was with the salad.

This brings us to Sunday, on which we found ourselves in Lawrenceburg, Indiana at the Hollywood Casino.

We met our parents and some of their friends at the casino for a little day of family gambling fun.  That’s normal, right? 😉

My parents enjoy it and they go once or twice a year.  Since the boyfriend and I both recently turned 21, we decided to go along for the ride.  I learned something about myself that I never would have guessed…

This gal is thrifty.

I have no problem spending the majority of my income on healthy food but I had a really tough time shelling out $20 to gamble with.  I guess I have my priorities in order 😉

It was a fun atmosphere and I enjoyed listening to the celebrity impersonators sing karaoke while the rest of my crew gambled their hearts out.

So that was my state-hopping weekend in a nutshell!  I originally hadn’t planned anything for this past weekend but as it turns out, the unplanned weekends sometimes turn out the most fun!

This morning I continued my streak of spontaneity with a break from my favorite breakfast in lieu of oatmeal!

And a delicious bowl it was: 1/3 cup oatmeal cooked with 1/3 cup almond milk & 1/3 cup water, 1/2 scoop Optimum Nutrition vanilla whey,1 tbsp flaxseed meal, frozen berries and raw almond butter.

Before today I never liked protein powder in oatmeal but I think cutting it back to 1/2 instead of a full scoop really did wonders…this was delicious!  Dare I say I have finally gotten out of my breakfast rut?  We shall see!

My school books have been staring me in my face the entire time I’ve been writing this post– I think it’s time to give them some attention.


What are your ultimate salad ingredients? Croutons, olives and peppers are my favorite toppers.

Do you normally plan out your weekends or just go with the flow? Normally I like to have plans but I think I need to learn to be more laid back.



3 responses

  1. i love plans. i have a tough time with change! but oh well. .you can go to a vegan restaurant another time! oo my salad must have hummus!

    February 22, 2011 at 8:02 am

  2. LOL..snakes and fish??? I can see the fish…but snakes?? They freak me out 😉

    Love the spontaneity!!! We are super boring and plan things out all the time. We need to be more spontaneous. So much fun!!

    February 22, 2011 at 2:23 pm

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