Oh, You Fancy Huh?

Hey everyonnne!

I hope you are all enjoying your Friday.  I trekked through the snow (drove, really) to my gym this morning and in the midst of my workout noticed something that made me go “huh?” 


A girl dressed very much like J-woww and Snookie in the above photo.  The infamous poof, oversized hoop earrings and all.  Not to mention a full-makeuped-face. 

Being that I’ve named my blog ‘Chic Fitness’ you’d think I’d be understanding of this fashion decision but alas, you’ve got me all wrong my friends.  I believe there are limits.  Personally, I almost always wear either shorts or leggings and a tank top to the gym.  My face is worn au naturel and my hair is tossed up into a ponytail–the only volume being brought on by unkempt bedhead.  Everyone who knows me KNOWS that when my hair and makeup are done– they’ll get messed up over my dead bodyHey— getting dolled up ain’t easy.  So goodness knows I’m not about to put my face on and tease my hair just to go to the gym in the morning and sweat it all off and out.  And those earrings would surely get in my way.  But to each her own I suppose…

Anyway, back to that workout.  I did three miles on the treadmill as follows:

Walk at 4.0 mph/1% incline- 2 minutes

Jog at 6.5 mph/ 1% incline- 8 minutes


After that I did a light leg workout:

Squat machine- 145 lbs./12 reps.  x3

Leg curls- 115 lbs./12 reps.  x3

Leg extensions- 70 lbs. each leg/ 12 reps.  x3

Deadlifts- 60 lbs./ 12 reps.  x3

Back extensions w/ 10 lb weight- 12 reps.  x 3

Good enough for me.  And then I came home to this:

Lox!  A whole wheat english muffin with whipped cream cheese, tomato, smoked salmon and dill.  Plus some baby carrots.  Delicious.

Now if you’ll excuse me…I’ve got to go poof my hair.

What is your normal gym attire?  How far is too far?



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